Existing CitiDirect® User

Welcome to the Citi Client Service Academy Learning Pathways

At Citi, we believe our clients need to learn in the most effective and easy way, this is why we have introduced the Citi Client Service Academy Learning Pathways. The Learning Pathways, available for the four global regions are designed to provide you with a set of courses specifically designed to your needs and roles, simplifying and streamlining the learning process while ensuring you get the best out of the Citi Client Service Academy Training offerings.

Existing CitiDirect® Security Manager Learning Pathway (Only required for Security Managers)

As an existing CitiDirect® Security Manager, you might need to take a refresher training to enhance your knowledge. Whatever your need might be, the Existing Security Manager Learning Pathway will guide you to the required CitiDirect® training for your role.

CitiDirect® Security Manager Learning Pathways

Existing CitiDirect® User Learning Pathway

As a CitiDirect® user, you might need to learn about a new functionality or take a refresher training to enhance your knowledge. Whether you need to learn about how to input payments, generate reports, or export data through CitiDirect®'s interface, the Existing User Learning Pathways will guide you through all of the available trainings showcasing the CitiDirect® features based on your requirements and access.
Important Note: Your Security Managers will provide you with the necessary access you require  to utilize CitiDirect®‘s full potential. If you believe your access needs attention, please contact your Company’s Security Manager.

CitiDirect® Existing Users Learning Pathways

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